Help end the Yulin dog meat festival

Throughout many parts of Asia, stolen pets and street animals suffer terrible abuse for the dog and cat meat trade before being killed through horrific means, such as beating or hanging.

We implore China – as the country with the largest dog and cat meat trade in the world – to show leadership by ending the annual "festival" in Yulin, as well as the outward display of animal cruelty and officially ban the dog and cat meat trade in the country.

Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang, please end the Yulin dog meat festival and China’s dog and cat meat trade

Dear Mr. Li Keqiang,

I respectfully urge you to end the mass slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats for the annual dog meat festival in Yulin to be held on June 21st.

A growing number of people in China care deeply about the welfare and safety of their pet dogs and cats. The booming pet care industry is good for the local economy, animal welfare and China’s global reputation. However, still every year across the country millions of dogs and cats  – many of them stolen pets – are snatched, smuggled and brutally slaughtered for their meat. These animals suffer enormously – packed tightly together in tiny cages and driven for days without food or water on long journeys across the country, only to be beaten to death in front of each other.  

In addition to these serious animal welfare issues, the mass transport and consumption of dogs also threatens public health and safety by potentially spreading rabies and undermining China’s efforts to control this horrifying disease. The World Health Organization has acknowledged the risk to public health posed by the dog meat trade.

China has the largest dog meat trade in the world, and the continuation of events such as the dog meat festival in Yulin not only perpetuates animal suffering, and risks human health, but also damages China’s global reputation and involves the tolerance of widespread illegal behavior.

I stand in solidarity with the millions of people in China, across Asia, and around the world who want to see China take a leading role in ending this brutality. I urge you to take firm action to end the Yulin festival and the year-round dog and cat meat trade once and for all.  

Yours sincerely,

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