Spectacled flying-foxes are suffering like never before, and we need your help to save them

Just months ago there were thought to be 75,000 spectacled flying-foxes in Australia, and one single heatwave heartbreakingly saw 23,000 of them die. That's 1/3 of the total population. 

Humane Society International nominated the spectacled flying-fox for an Endangered listing in 2015, but successive Environment Ministers have delayed making any decision. And now these animals are in the most dire situation they've ever been in.

Let Federal Minister for the Environment Melissa Price know you support the Endangered listing that will help give spectacled flying-foxes the protection they deserve, and that there’s no time to waste!

You can Tweet her at @Melissa4Durack – here are some suggestions:

Spectacled flying-foxes are going #extinct before our eyes, dying in their thousands while our leaders deny them protection. @Melissa4Durack, please help to stop this tragedy by making your overdue decision to list this incredible species as Endangered - there's no time to waste!


Just months ago there were 75,000 spectacled flying-foxes in Australia. After the awful heatwave in Cairns there are now less than 50,000. 30% of a population lost is a tragedy and these #bats need our help! Please @Melissa4Durack, do the right thing and list them as #Endangered!

Don’t have Twitter? Simple add your name below and we'll send the Minister an email on your behalf that you support an Endangered listing for the spectacled flying-fox. 

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