Become an Animal Defender

From individual animals needing care and hope, to wildlife populations under threat from habitat destruction, to whole species clinging to survival—together we are their voice.

While we have had many victories for animals over the years, there is still so much more to do to ensure the protection of animals across the globe.

Together we can do this … become an Animal Defender, today.

As an Animal Defender you can help enable HSI to plan and respond effectively to the needs of animals and local communities around the globe. Together, we can commit to long-term projects and respond to emergencies as they arise.

Your monthly gift can help us to continue saving endangered species, improving legislation that impacts animals and the environment, reducing cruelty in farming and industry, improving the welfare of domestic animals and increasing habitat devoted to conservation.  You will be contributing to an ecologically sustainable and humane world for all animals for generations to come.

Your donation will be debited on completion of the payment form then every month there-after, on the same date as your first gift, or the next business day. We are so appreciative of your ongoing support, it's what enables us to create lasting change for animals.

Become an Animal Defender today and help protect all animals. 

Contributions to Humane Society International of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia | Privacy Policy

Other ways to donate

To join our Animal Defender monthly giving via direct debit, please email us at [email protected] or via call us via our free call number below so we can set up an automated direct debit from your preferred bank account. 

To make a one-time donation click here.

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