Tell the Botswana government to say NO to lifting the ban on trophy hunting

In 2014, Botswana made a historic move by banning trophy hunting. Now the country is considering reversing the trophy hunting ban by creating laws to help trophy hunting grow throughout the country. Botswana is also considering instituting regular elephant culling in a misguided attempt to manage their elephant populations and to use the elephant meat as pet food. This backwards thinking will threaten the country’s imperiled species, such as elephants, rhinos and leopards, who are struggling to survive intense pressures from poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict.

Dear President Masisi,

As a supporter of Humane Society International, I am reaching out today to ask that you keep the ban on trophy hunting in Botswana.

Many people across the globe, from animal advocates to wildlife conservationists, applauded the Botswanan government’s decision to ban trophy hunting. According to international trade data, the ban saved about 2,380 elephants and 140 leopards over the past five years it has been in effect. A reversal of the ban on trophy hunting could be disastrous for the country’s iconic wildlife species such as elephants, rhinos and leopards, which attract eco-tourists and nature lovers to the country.

Opening up trophy hunting would benefit wealthy hunters and hunting outfitters over Botswana’s local communities and beloved wildlife. Both elephants and local communities would benefit far more from the promotion of ecotourism and the implementation of science-based, humane human-wildlife conflict solutions over the senseless killing of wildlife for trophies.

I urge you to reject the advice of your subcommittee and keep the trophy hunting ban in place.

Kind regards,

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