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Stop the WA Government declaring open season on dingoes

Just months after backing down to public pressure and admitting that the dingo is a native species, the Western Australian Government has made it legal to use prohibited weapons and methods to kill them.

Steel-toothed leg traps and poisons are legal to use to kill dingoes in WA. The use of these cruel and inhumane methods on any other wildlife would attract a fine of $50,000.

New exemptions specifically targeting dingoes are sowing confusion about which otherwise prohibited killing methods are allowed, and conflict with several other WA laws and regulations.

But one thing is clear: the Western Australian Government seems to think animal cruelty is perfectly fine when dingoes are the target.

This subsidiary legislation must be torn up immediately. Please help by signing our online petition to the Western Australian Premier and Minister for the Environment.

WA Government
WA Government
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