They're running for their lives. We're running out of time.

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As you read this, somewhere in Africa a giraffe is dying from a trophy hunter's bullet. It's shocking that so many of these magnificent creatures are being slaughtered for senseless "luxury" animal products.

Our undercover reporting has revealed horrific trading in giraffe 'parts', readily sold in the USA. Their numbers are collapsing because of habitat loss and an unthinkable desire for exotic animal products, including giraffe-bone knife handles, giraffe-skin jackets, boots, cushions and rugs.

They are on the brink of extinction if we don’t push for their protection.​

Once bountiful across Africa’s plains some populations now number only in the hundreds, with fewer than 100,000 in total ranging in the wild.​ 

Moved by the plummeting numbers of these magnificent creatures, the governments of Chad, Senegal, Niger, Mali, Kenya and the Central African Republic are desperate to protect these animals from trade to help stop the senseless slaughter. United in their quest to save the giraffe, these countries are proposing protections from trade at an important upcoming UN meeting. HSI stands with them.

We are mobilising to fight for the lives of these gentle giants at the UN CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) conference to be held in Geneva this August. We are tirelessly pushing for support for this proposal which will provide giraffe some much needed protection from the killing fields. We are also urging the Australian Government to show leadership in protecting giraffes.

Your support in the past has helped us win protection for elephants, rhinos, gorillas, sharks and many others at this UN conference.

Your tax deductible donation today will help us push for CITES protection and raise international opposition to the slaughter of giraffes.

Please donate today to help us fight this silent extinction 

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