Don’t cut our butts!

It is estimated that every year over 13-20 million merino lambs have their rear ends sliced off within their first year of life in Australia. It’s a process called mulesing.

Mulesing is really painful, even with pain relief, which is often applied after the cut. It has been found that lambs continue to suffer long after the pain relief has worn off. Mulesing is done to try to solve another serious problem known as flystrike. There is a better solution which can see Australian sheep rid of both problems, flystrike and mulesing – but they need your help to bring it about.

Sheep can be bred without the wrinkle that attracts flies and thanks to clever scientists these smooth bodied sheep also produce high quality and quantities of wool.

Sign our petition to ask Australian brands and retailers to only source non-mulesed wool. The less places there are to sell mulesed wool, the less farmers will stick with this painful practice.

We will take the petition to our meetings to show companies that Australian consumers would like their supply chains to be kinder to sheep.

Dear Australian brands and retailers

I want the Australian wool industry to stop the painful practice of ‘mulesing’. I know that producers can prevent both flystrike and mulesing by breeding plain bodied sheep without wrinkles. Please commit to sourcing non-mulesed wool so that your supply chains are kinder to Australia’s sheep. 

Kind regards,

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