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Tell the Queensland government not to waste opportunity to modernise their shark control program.

The Queensland Government is hell-bent on killing sharks and wants to circumvent the law to do so. We cannot let them re-write laws just because they don’t like the outcomes of a court case.

Instead of accepting the court ruling to end 60 years of deliberate shark culling in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and taking the opportunity to modernise their Shark Control Program with improved technology, the Queensland Government is pressuring the Federal Government to change the law so that shooting sharks can continue.

Earlier this year, following a case brought by Humane Society International, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal ordered for:

  • Drumlines in the marine park to be checked daily so more animals can be released alive and fewer suffer prolonged deaths.
  • 19 species of shark, formerly on a target list (most of which are harmless to humans) can no longer be shot dead when found alive.
  • Bull, tiger and great white sharks must be tagged and released offshore.
  • SMART drumlines must be trialled and implemented progressively
  • Alternative non-lethal methods of shark control must be trialled and implemented to improve protection for ocean-users and the Reef.

In September, the Federal Court upheld the Tribunal’s ruling, on all counts.

The Queensland Government is pretending that it is “sharks versus humans” but this is simply not true. The Tribunal found “overwhelming” evidence that shark culling does not reduce the risk of an unprovoked shark bite. 

The court orders will prevent hundreds of threatened species from suffering and dying every year.

Ask the Queensland Government to accept the court ruling, stop shooting sharks, and begin implementing measures for more humane and more effective shark management.

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