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Time’s Up Victoria – Ban Duck Shooting Now

Right now you have the opportunity to end duck hunting in Victoria.

Every year, this horrific practice results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ducks and contributes to the destruction of our beautiful wetlands.

Write to your MP below to let them know you demand an end to this cruel “sport”. 

Dear local MP,

Duck hunting is undeniably cruel and has gone on far too long in Victoria. It is time to bring it to an end.

Andy Meddick MP recently made his second reading of the Wildlife Amendment (Protection of Birds) Bill 2019, and I am writing to you to express my support for this Bill and an end to duck shooting in Victoria.

Duck shooting results in the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of ducks in Victoria every year. This is a destructive and needlessly cruel sport.

Allowing this activity to continue would be an affront to conservation and contravene the commitments made in Victoria’s Animal Welfare Action Plan, tarnishing the stated aim for Victoria to be respected globally for its animal welfare practices.

I am counting on you to support this Bill and finally put a stop to recreational duck shooting in Victoria once and for all.

Kind regards,

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