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It's Time to End Deadly Live Animal Markets for Good

The world is in shock as the latest deadly coronavirus spreads. COVID-19 is likely to have resulted from the sale of wildlife in a live animal market. In response China has placed a welcome ban on the sale of wild animals, captive bred and wild caught, for human consumption and other countries like Vietnam with wildlife markets are considering similar measures. Wildlife is traded not only for human consumption but also for trinkets, traditional medicines and display, and all along the supply chain there are opportunities for viruses to spread to humans. Sadly, the animal welfare and conservation threats to wildlife are also well known.

Governments need to unite to urgently introduce comprehensive and permanent bans on wild animal markets as well as the commercial wildlife breeding, transport and trade that supplies them to prevent a pandemic like COVID-19 from occurring again. 

Send a letter to the embassies for some of the key countries where wild animal markets have been allowed to operate.

His Excellency Mr
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Australia
His Excellency Mr
Y. Kristiarto
S. Legwo
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
His Excellency Mr
Tha Aung
Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Royal Thai Embassy
His Excellency Mr
Ngo Huong
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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