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Tell your Federal MP to stop the handover of environment powers

Australia’s unique wildlife is facing an extinction crisis. We need strong laws to tackle the myriad threats they face. Our federal environment law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), is currently under review and we need your help to ensure this once in a decade opportunity is taken to give our wildlife the chance it needs to recover.

However, with the ink barely dry on the interim report from Professor Graeme Samuel’s independent review into the EPBC Act, the Morrison Government has announced it wants to rush through reckless legislation to hand over decision for these national environment matters to states and territories.

These changes will lock in the status quo risking the loss of more of our animals to extinction. Already, iconic species like koalas, quolls and platypus are disappearing. Instead, HSI believes that national leadership and stronger laws are essential to tackling the extinction crisis.

Our once in a decade chance for stronger federal environment laws is at risk as the Government races to take action before Professor Samuel’s final report is released later this year. The survival of species is at stake. 

Ask your Federal MP to reject rushed legislation that risks increasing species extinctions and tell them that you expect them to take the time needed to get this right.

Fill out your details below and we'll send the following letter to your Federal MP - don't forget to view your letter and then hit send.

Dear Federal MP,

I am writing with regard to the ongoing review of our federal environment law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

I am extremely concerned that the Government is trying to rush through reforms before the final report is even written and that we will end up with weaker environmental protections than we currently have. Particularly given that Professor Samuel  has highlighted that existing laws are “ineffective”.

This season’s bushfires and COVID-19 are a clear indication that a business as usual approach to nature is no longer acceptable. I am writing to urge you to reject legislation to enable the handing over of decision-making powers for national environment matters, which the Government has said it will present to Parliament as soon as August.

I want the Government to wait for the final report of the review and then take the time to develop and deliver stronger environmental laws that:

  • provide strict protection for critical habitats for threatened species and deal with climate change and cumulative impacts;
  • ensure that robust national environment standards are developed and in place, before making any changes to environmental decision-making;
  • establish an independent regulator to ensure compliance with national environment standards; and
  • require resources to be provided to secure the protection and recovery of our threatened species.

Now is not the time to weaken environmental regulations and pass laws that will have detrimental impacts on nature, but instead to ensure that our environment is put at the centre of our thinking and laws strengthened and enforced.

Yours sincerely,


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