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Help bring an end to whale killings

Humane Society International and our supporters are greatly saddened by the killing of a minke whale that was trapped in nets in Taiji for 19 days since Christmas Eve.

The suffering and distress of the whale drew global attention while its plight was monitored by a local activist and his drone. Despite local and global pressure, the fishermen killed the whale by suffocation early in the morning of 11th January.

While we mourn the passing of this animal, we know that a similar brutal end comes to many more minke whales off the coast of Japan every year. What was rare was for it to be witnessed.

The commercial killing of whales is subject to a global ban. Japan has sought to escape the ban by leaving the International Whaling Commission, which means they are killing whales outside of the framework of international law. It is important that we continue to call for an end to all commercial whaling in Japan.

Send a letter to the Japanese Embassy in Australia to let them know that these killings must end.

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