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Time to untangle NSW from shark nets 

On 1 September, shark nets seasonally return to waters in New South Wales, despite this 100-year-old technology giving only a false sense of security to ocean users. Though the nets have recently returned, the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, and the time to push for a change next season starts now. 

Shark nets don’t work to keep swimmers and ocean users safer, but they are effective at killing marine animals.  

There are much better ways to keep beaches safe without killing harmless marine life. Drone monitoring, SMART drumlines and personal shark deterrents are all preferred by scientists and the public.  

Let’s make this the last season NSW beaches rely on outdated, ineffective and environmentally destructive nets. 

Take action by sending a letter to The Hon. Dugald Saunders, NSW Minister for Agriculture asking him to end the use of shark nets. 

The Hon.
Minister for Agriculture

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