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Untangle NSW from shark nets 

Shark nets don’t keep swimmers and surfers safe, but they are very effective at killing marine animals.    

Even though they know this, the NSW Government is putting the nets back in this summer.  

In the 2021/22 summer, 376 marine animals were caught in the shark nets at ocean beaches in Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. Sadly, 325 of the animals caught were not even target species, but all are precious and important for flourishing ocean ecosystems species. 203 animals caught were threatened or protected species. Of these, 156 were killed, including threatened turtle species and Critically Endangered grey nurse sharks.  

There are much more effective ways to keep beaches safe without killing harmless marine life. Drones, personal shark deterrents, and education are all preferred by scientists and the public.    

We need your help to keep the pressure on by writing to your local MP and key decision-makers and asking them to end the use of shark nets.  


Dear Ministers and Premier,

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