Dear Minister, 

I am extremely concerned about the fate of Australia’s native wildlife and their habitats. The rich diversity of nature that makes Australia unique is reaching a breaking point. 

Without stronger laws and enforcement, the destruction of habitat and wildlife will continue. Our national environment laws should protect the habitats and wildlife we love—but they are not strong enough. The once-in-a-decade independent review in 2021 found that Australia’s environmental laws are weak and outdated. 

I look forward to your government delivering its commitment to stronger laws for nature, an independent Federal Environment Protection Agency and funding for recovering threatened species and the Saving our Species program. I also thank you for committing to no new extinctions. 

I consider a strong set of legally binding National Environment Standards to be crucial to protect Australia’s nature and wildlife, and end poor decision-making.  

I want to see nature laws that truly value and incorporate the rights, knowledge and culture of First Nations people. First Nations traditional knowledge is an integral part of the solution to protecting habitat and species. 

I would also like to see access to justice for third parties so that the community has a legal voice in standing up for the environment. 

The government must act swiftly before it is too late for Australian wildlife and habitat. It’s time to tackle the extinction crisis. 

Yours sincerely, 

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