Help Us End Shark Culling In Australia

Shark culling programs in New South Wales and Queensland kill hundreds of sharks and iconic marine species every year in a misguided attempt at public safety.  Scientists confirm culling does not keep people safe; culling kills ocean wildlife.

Under the banner of “shark control”, drumlines and shark nets capture and kill whales, dolphins, turtles and rays in addition to sharks. It is unacceptable that harmless animals like these are meeting a cruel fate, all for the illusion of bather protection. Marine wildlife will continue to die on Australia’s east coast while lethal culling continues.

Despite lacking scientific legitimacy, shark nets have operated since the 1930s, and baited drumlines since the 1960s. We have non-lethal solutions that are effective strategies for public safety and don’t involve killing animals.

It is far past time to update these archaic methods with new, non-lethal and more effective technologies such as drone surveillance, technology driven alert systems, personal shark deterrents, shark research and education.

Tell the New South Wales and Queensland governments to end the culls now and implement more effective non-lethal alternatives by signing the petition below.

Sharks, turtles, whales and dolphins are depending on YOU.

"I call for an end to shark culling. It is time to end these outdated policies that needlessly kill iconic marine wildlife without achieving its objective⁠—enhancing bather safety. There are better, non-lethal ways to protect people that also protect the ocean and marine wildlife."


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